Above Ground Solar Systems
Ground-mounted solar systems are suitable systems for all natural/legal persons interested in electricity generation from solar energy and for investors interested in this market. They can be made up to 1 MW unlicensed or 1 MW GES and above licensed. State All real/legal persons can sell the generation electricity to the government within the framework of the price and laws guaranteed by the company.

For unlicensed floor-mounted power plants under 1 MW, the energy produced and consumed within the borders of the same distribution region can be offset on the basis of kWh and the surplus can be sold to the grid. Any location in the same distribution region with a marginal land report power plant can be installed and sales can be made. If the power of your power plant is below 1 MW, you can sell the difference between the generation and consumption to the grid after you spend the electricity you produce for your own consumption. Moreover, you do not need to obtain a license for the facility you will establish in this way.

You can generate your own electricity with the above ground solar systems to be installed with Envoy Solar. We will do our best to ensure that you get the full return on your investment with superior engineering and consultancy services. Envoy Solar is always with you in the field of solar energy systems.
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