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What is the annual income of a SPP?

A GES power plant with an installed capacity of 1 MW (MegaWatt) DC generates electricity between 1,400,000 kWh and 1,700,000 kWh (KiloWatt Hours) annually, depending on the solar radiation values in the region where it is located. When we multiply these production values with the government's purchase guarantee figure of $0.133, it turns out that the annual income of a SPP is between $186.200 and $226.100.

We can list the following as special expense items for SPPs, together with the expenses of a normal A.Ş.

  • Central insurance expenses
  • Security personnel expenses
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance and repair expenses
  • Distribution system usage fee and system operating expenses

Distribution system usage fee expenses are a price to be paid for the use of the electricity grid. While the temporary acceptance of SPPs made before January 1, 2018 is around 10,000 USD depending on the electricity generation, it may increase up to 50,000 USD for SPPs made after this date.

What are the maintenance requirements in a SPP?

Since there are no moving mechanical parts in a solar power plant, maintenance and repair requirements are extremely low. Remote monitoring can be limited to short-term intervention and cleaning activities in case of malfunction.

Maintenance and repair by whom?

Maintenance and repair activities in the power plants we offer as GES Investment are carried out by highly experienced, expert and certified teams with the assurance of GES Investment.

How many personnel work in a SPP?

The only personnel working continuously in a SPP are security guards. Apart from this, service procurement is made from contracted and certified technical service companies.

Is the SPPs you sell insured and what does the insurance cover?

Without exception, all SPPs we offer as GES Investment are insured by the most successful and experienced insurance companies such as Allianz, Ergo and Güneş Sigorta. In general, the coverage of our insurance policies is as follows:

  • Earthquake
  • Terror
  • Natural disaster
  • Vandalism
  • Lockout
  • Mixed popular movements
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Direct and indirect effect of lightning
  • Profit losses of unsold electricity due to these damages
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